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Waterjet Cutting of Pipe Splitting & Drilling for Wastewater/Sewage Treatment

pipe-splitting-drilling-bigOur team at Precision Cutting Service leads the way in cutting solutions for complex shapes and materials for large companies or small businesses. We provide fast emergency service, no tooling costs and CAD design for our customers. We are also committed to superior edge quality in our work; using state-of-the-art waterjet cutting solutions. With this process, materials maintain their surface integrity and are free from crushing, burning, chipping, and other material distortions.

After purchasing a quantity of small pipe pieces from one of our customers, we made them aware of our ability to precisely split and drill pipe using waterjet cutting. The Savannah, Georgia customer immediately recognized the value in what we were doing; realizing that our cutting solutions could solve a problem they had recently encountered. Our team was contracted to split 500 units of 8" x 120" wastewater/sewage pipe with a tolerance of + 0.010". The 304 stainless steel pipe had a wall thickness of 1/8" and outer diameter of 8". Using our CNC based Flow IFB Waterjet equipment; we were able to think outside the box in our approach to the project. We implemented our innovative splitting techniques via waterjet cutting to successfully complete 500 units of pipe and delivered it to the customer in less than 1 week.

Our large cutting bed of 6′ x 12′ allows for production of large parts – and gave us the ability to handle large volumes of bulky pipe for the customer with fast turnaround time and an emphasis on precision. Our customer was extremely pleased with the results and has since brought additional projects to us.

Our waterjet cutting solutions offer superior edge quality and can support a variety of cutting, splitting, or drilling operations. Since 1994, our team has provided waterjet cutting solutions for multiple industries including automotive, construction, electrical, glass, hydraulics, medical, recreational, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle challenging products using a versatile mix of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and quality control standards.

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