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Waterjet Cutting of Talmadge Bridge Cable Stay Vibration Isolators

talmadge-bridge-cable-stay-vibration-isolators-bigLocated Savannah, Georgia, our team at Precision Cutting Service, Inc., has been providing high-quality precision fabricated parts and components since 1994. Not only do we field a myriad of cutting services, but we are also a full-time service shop that provides design and engineering consultations. We pride ourselves on quality work, cost-effective solutions, and superior customer service.

Our work with waterjet technology allows us to provide extensive hole cutting capabilities for a vast array of materials, shapes, and sizes. A local Savannah, Georgia customer specializing in bridge construction requested customized hole drilling in varying locations on urethane discs. These discs are used to isolate vibration and noise for bridge building applications. The project required through holes to be cut in different locations in 6" thick urethane. Each disc was 12" in diameter and required hole tolerances at ± .030", which we completed using our Flow IFB Waterjet equipment – a capability that is typically out of our normal cutting range. In addition, our team had to create a jig for every single disc as each hole was cut on an angle. Our team met the challenge and was able to produce 300 discs in less than 90 days.

After testing, the customer concluded that the discs were doing the job well by successfully isolating vibration and reducing noise. Using our over 30 years of expertise, we were capable of working beyond our high-tech equipment’s standard capabilities.

Our team has served multiple industries requiring different precision cutting and fabrication projects. We have worked with a vast range of materials that includes plastics, wood, stone, and metal. Our team offers additional value-added services including 24-hour emergency service, same day quotation, no tooling costs, design assistance, and prototype to production capabilities. All of our projects are performed with expertise, customer service, and efficiency in mind.

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