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Waterjet Cutting of Vinyl Composite Flooring for Westside High School

vinyl-composite-flooring-1-bigOur team has served various customers over the years involving challenging approaches to waterjet cutting. That’s why Precision Cutting Service maintains state-of-the-art customized cutting equipment that will meet any design challenge. We are also a full-service shop with our own design and engineering resources, capable of working outside the box in order to get the job done with accuracy and efficiency.

We also continue to provide extensive support and services for architectural, construction, and artistic applications. One of our customers working on the new Westside High School in Augusta, Georgia required vinyl composite flooring for 29 classrooms. Each vinyl composite tile measures 36" x 36" in size and required a tolerance of ± .020". The project was to be completed in less than 8 weeks.

Using our Flow A-Series Waterjet machine, we were able to cut inlays into various flooring substrates for construction, home décor, and graphic arts applications. The large quantity of tiling required to fill 29 new classrooms may seem daunting; however, our team was able to improvise by laying out and tagging each individual section of tile – reproducing entire classroom floors within our facility. This helped our team create a visual reference of each tile along with matching inlays and patterning. As a result, we were able to produce each tile to the customer’s specifications quickly and accurately.

Our customer was extremely pleased with the results. From design to production, the tiles were both precise as well as aesthetically pleasing. They continue to use us for additional projects and are continuously impressed by the overall quality and planning of our work. Using a vast range of cutting technologies, along with support for multiple material options, enables us to deal with any design or production challenge.

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