An Inside Look at the Latest Project Using Our Water Jet Cutting Services

Water jet cutting allows you to achieve a higher level of precision than can be achieved with other cutting systems. In cases where the material would be burnt, cracked, or melted by other traditional cutting services, water jet cutting helps keep the material in peak condition, ensuring refined craftsmanship can be achieved in the cutting work. Outstanding water jet projects are a leading reason so many are now turning to the team here at Precision Cutting Service. And in this latest post, we’ll explain more on one of our most recent water jet cutting projects.

Finetuning the Design

It was a couple of years ago that a customer of Precision Cutting Service noticed a sturdy lawn chair in the shape of a butterfly, while on her travels. She was enamored with the piece and wanted one for herself, but of her own design. She then contacted the team at Precision Cutting Service and found out that her design was feasible, and could be completed at an affordable price point.

She then sent the information on the chair to our experts. The design for the chair was then loaded into our CAD software, and our team made some modifications in order to enhance the appearance and improve the durability of the piece. Since our technical qualities and our cutting-edge equipment, we were able to complete the water jet cutting services project in less than two weeks. The customer was then so pleased with the results of the project that she ordered a second chair directly through our team. We’re now selling our exquisite chairs to clients throughout the region.

6/17/2016, Savannah, GA Various furnishings and inlays at Joe's house.

How We Did It

We first took a couple of large sheet ¼” iron plates, loaded the cutting diagrams into the computer-controlled water jet cutting machines, and then cut out the butterfly design from the original. One plate made up the butterfly’s wings, and the other made up the seat for the chair structure. Once the cutting was completed, we sent the sheets to the fabrication department, and they bent the wings into a contour that fit with the design, and then they welded the seat to the wings.

Lastly, we powder-coated the chair in a rich rust color with a hammered appearance. The powder coating added a layer of durability and long-term protection against weathering. This level of fabrication and design elegance meant that our butterfly chair was unique to the butterfly chairs you see on the market today. Our design was custom-made from an original and then fabricated uniquely for the client to ensure the ideal piece.

Precision Cutting Service

We’re now offering our custom-crafted butterfly chairs for use in and around your home. To discover more on these outstanding pieces and speak with a member of our water jet cutting services team contact us today!



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