Laser Cutting vs. Waterjet Cutting

One of the most frequent questions we hear from our customers here at Precision Cutting Service is “What’s the difference between laser cutting and waterjet cutting?” It’s particularly common from customers looking to save money because—in some situations—laser cutting appears to cost less.

We want to briefly address the benefits and drawbacks of each process. Let’s start with laser cutting.

  • Understanding Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is straightforward.It’s a finely tuned beam of intense light that burns its way through materials.  It is particularly good for engraving and partial cuts.

There’s one BIG downside, however. Laser cutting can severely damage certain materials. The heat from the laser can disrupt the chemical composition of many materials and in some cases severely burn them. A laser, for example, cannot effectively cut rubber. Likewise, some materials like ceramic tile, are resistant to lasers and therefore do not lend themselves to laser cutting.

The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting on the other hand can cut virtually any materialwithout burning or otherwise disrupting the chemical composition of the material. Deformation or other damage to the material. Metals, plastics, vinyl, ceramics, tiles, stone, aluminum, rubber, and even foam are great examples of the material we cut daily here at Precision Cutting Service. 

Water jet cutting, because it delivers such a clean, smooth and accurate cut, can also be less expensive than laser jet cutting in the long run because little if any post cut handling, such as sanding rough edges, is required with it. With water jet cutting, there’s just one cut and it’s done.

That’s why we embraced water cutting here at Precision Cutting Service. Contact us directly to learn more!

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