Precision Cutting Service Can Make the Custom Gaskets You Need From Any Material, For Any Need

There are many options for making custom gaskets , so why partner with Precision Cutting Service?  Well … we have a secret weapon that most other custom cutting outfits don’t—water jet cutting. Our water jet system gives us the edge over our competition because of the speed, flexibility, and accuracy it offers. and has made us one of the top choices in Savannah, across Georgia and nationwide for creating custom gaskets to suit any need.

Four Reasons to Choose Precision Cutting Service for Your Custom Gaskets

  1. Work with the widest variety of materials

One of the reasons you’ll love our water jet cutting system is that it can cut virtually any material, precisely, inexpensively and cleanly every time. Laser cutters, on the other hand, can scorch, deform or chemically alter some materials because of the excessive heat they create, and physical cutters, like saws, always leave rough edges that need to be reworked.

Water jet cutters can cut on materials as hard hardest stone and as soft softest Styrofoam—with a great cut every time.

  1. Gaskets for all your needs

Because we can work with virtually any material you want, and produce gaskets up to 2″ thick, we can create gaskets for virtually any application, including gasket-like products for a wide range of purposes.  These include:

  • Silicone Pads
  • Enclosure Gaskets
  • Vibration Dampening Pads
  • Gasket Tape
  • Thermal Gap Fillers
  • Electrical\Conductive Gaskets
  • EM-Shielding Gaskets
  • Elastomeric Gaskets
  • And more.
  1. Highly precise cutting

People often think that waterjet cutting isn’t precise, but that’s not the case.  Our system can achieve ±0.003 tolerances, which is more than sufficient for gasket work.  Plus, our systems are fully computerized and repeatable, so bulk orders are no problem.

  1. Significant cost savings

In nearly all cases, waterjet cutting is the least expensive option for creating custom gaskets.  For one thing, there’s simply no need for rework.  You get a great cut the first time, every time.  Also, our operating costs are low because water is the primary cutting component.


Get Your Custom Gaskets Made To Order

No matter the size of the job, from one-off prototypes to bulk orders, contact Precision Cutting Service for great custom gasket work.

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