Precision Cutting Service Happily Welcomes Its First Customer from The Reptile Kingdom

August 5, 2017 – Savannah, GA – Precision Cutting Service is already well-known across the Georgia area as one of the top choices for custom water jet cutting, but apparently their renown has crossed species borders.  On Monday, July 24, the crew of Precision Cutting Service were surprised to discover an American Alligator on their doorstep, looking longingly into their Savannah showroom.

While the eight-foot-long reptile was reluctant to share its grand design plans, it seemed to have a particular interest in a large roll of dark vinyl composition tile (VCT) that Precision Cutting generally uses in their flooring.  Did this living fossil have particularly ambitious plans for her nest?  It was hard to tell, but the creature was fixated none-the-less.

Alligator visits Precision Cutting Headquarters

Sean Remion, Precision Cutting’s Sales Manager, attempted to inquire into their visitor’s interests and was prepared to explain how custom-cut floor medallions could improve the crocodilian quality of life.  The scaly lead, however, just looked at him quizzically. At that point Sean called Savannah’s animal relocation services, which safely escorted the alligator back to its home in the nearby marsh.

Precision Cutting Service sees this unexpected four-legged visitor as a clear sign of a niche market that may need to be developed.  They are currently exploring plans for a revolutionary animal outreach program, and taking steps to make certain that future creature visits be by appointment only.

About Precision Cutting Service

Precision Cutting Service is one of the most popular options in custom signs, gaskets, and floor medallions among homo sapiens across Georgia and nationwide.  Their in-house water jet cutting services allow for extremely precise cutting of virtually any material, without the material damage often associated with other cutting methods such as saws or lasers.  Through their decades of service, they’ve provided superior end products to hundreds of two-legged customers.

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