The Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

Precision Cutting Service, founded in 1994, fabricates a wide range of solutions using computer-controlled water jet cutting systems.  We’re often asked—both by prospective clients and curious visitors—why water jet cutting?

Here are Four Great Reasons to Use Water Jet Cutting to Manufacture the Custom Products You Need

1. A huge variety of materials can be cut.

Do you need stonework?  Metalwork?  Plastics?  Ceramics?  Glass?  Foam?  Our water jet cutting machines can cut it all.  There are very few materials that we can’t precisely cut.

And much of that is because…

2. Water jets have great precision without burning or fracturing.

One of the major drawbacks of heat-based cutting solutions, like plasma jets, is that they inevitably leave heat-scarred areas behind.  This makes them ineffective on materials like plastics, wood, or even some softer metals, because the heat damages the material.   Likewise, more traditional blade-based cutting tools usually leave burrs, fractures, or other irregularities in the cut, which must be removed in a separate step.

Our water jet cutting systems can achieve precision to .003″ with smooth cuts that leave the remaining material entirely undamaged every time.

So, we can always achieve…

3. Perfectly smooth finishes.

With water jets, there’s no sanding, buffing, or other after work required.  Each cut is already fully finished, smooth to the microscopic level.  This allows us to work more quickly and inexpensively than other types of cutting shops. Plus…

4. Water jet cutting is computer-controlled.

We achieve our speed and precision using computer systems that take standard CAD files and carve them straight into the material.  It’s quick, it’s efficient, it’s precise, and it allows us to bring you superior turnaround times.  Much of our work is done in under a week, and we offer emergency services that can produce items in 24 hours or less.

So, for your next custom-fabrication project, contact Precision Cutting Service to see what water jet cutting can do for you.

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