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Why Choose Water Jet Cutting for Your Gasket Needs

You have lots of choice when it comes to companies offering custom gasket creation, and there are also plenty of different methods for cutting those gaskets.  So why go with a provider using water jet cutting? … because water jet cutting is actually one of the most versatile and cost-effective options available. Choosing Precision Cutting Service for…

Precision Cutting Service Happily Welcomes Its First Customer from The Reptile Kingdom

August 5, 2017 – Savannah, GA – Precision Cutting Service is already well-known across the Georgia area as one of the top choices for custom water jet cutting, but apparently their renown has crossed species borders.  On Monday, July 24, the crew of Precision Cutting Service were surprised to discover an American Alligator on their doorstep,…

Choosing the Right Material for Floor Medallions

Custom floor medallions are an amazing decorative addition for a wide variety of buildings.  When placed in a school or office building lobby, they add an immediate sense of gravitas and class—a real feeling of being in a place with meaning.  When placed in a home, they create an air of timelessness and antiquity.  Floor medallions…

Precision Cutting Service is pleased to announce the addition of a talented new cutting machine operator to help meet increased demand for its water jet cutting services

Sales continue to grow as firm emphasizes low cost, fast turnaround. SAVANNAH, GA—Precision Cutting Service, a Savannah, Georgia, based water jet cutting service, announced today the addition of Chandler Taylor to its team of highly skilled technicians. After completing his four-month onboarding program, Mr. Taylor assumed his place as a key machine operator, responsible for…

Laser Cutting vs. Waterjet Cutting

One of the most frequent questions we hear from our customers here at Precision Cutting Service is “What’s the difference between laser cutting and waterjet cutting?” It’s particularly common from customers looking to save money because—in some situations—laser cutting appears to cost less. We want to briefly address the benefits and drawbacks of each process. Let’s…

Why Milam PSS Gasket Material Is Perfect for A Wide Range of Gasket Needs

Precision Cutting Service produces custom, standard and prototype gaskets from a wide range of materials. One of the more common materials is Milam PSS.  It’s designed specifically for high temperature applications and it’s extremely versatile, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

5 Reasons to Choose Precision Cutting

At Precision Cutting Service, we’re proud to consider ourselves one of the top options in custom cutting and fabrication in the area. Our water jet facilities allow us to deliver top results, every time, and at highly reasonable prices!

Why Choose Water Jet Cutting?

When buyers are looking for custom cutting facilities, it’s rare that they first think of water jet cutting. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a real shame because water jet cutting is one of the most useful and versatile of all the industrial cutting methods on the market! It’s why we’ve specialized in water cutting…

Find out how Savannah CFO Council Board Secretary, Lisa Lanier, assists Precision Cutting with their accounting & more

The Savannah CFO Council recently appointed Precision Cutting Service’s Controller, Ms. Lisa Lanier, as Board Secretary. Her new responsibilities include managing the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit Certification program for member CPAs and taking and distributing meeting minutes.

With Precision Cutting Service, The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

One of the biggest reasons that we—and our clients-—love our water jet cutting systems is that they can cut virtually anything that’s within 12’ in length, 6’ in width, and 8″ in thickness. Likewise, we can work with almost any material on Earth, including metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, vinyl, or even foam.