Why You Should Powder Coat Your Aluminum Signs

5/13/2016, Savannah, GA

Various business signs made by Precision Cutting Supply.

5/13/2016, Savannah, GA Various business signs made by Precision Cutting Supply.

5/20/2016, Savannah, GA More gaskets at Precision Cutting Supply.

When clients ask us to craft a custom aluminum sign, one question we frequently hear is “Can we make the sign in color and will it stand up to the elements?”

The answer is, “Of course. Thanks to powder coating, we can make a sign in just about any color you want and, thanks to the almost indestructible coating we apply to it, the sign should last forever without fading or chipping.

Powder coating is the standard standard for creating highly-visible colored aluminum signage that resists weather and other environmental factors.

Why Powder Coating Signs Makes Sense

Basically, powder coating involves spraying aluminum signs with a specially-prepared plastic or epoxy powder that is electrically charged and bonds to the aluminum to create a smooth hard surface.  Depending on the desired effect, there are two major ways powder coating is applied.


  • Thermoset powders are used when color and attractiveness is the primary concern.  With this method, the powder is sprayed onto cold metal, and the powder is held in place by electrostatic charges.  Then the sign is baked in an oven to cure the powder, somewhat like a ceramic coating.  Thermoset powder coating is also highly durable.


  • Thermoplastic powders are primarily used when corrosion resistance is the main objective. For this method, the powder is sprayed directly onto heated aluminum, causing the spray to instantly melt and bond to the metal.

For either process, the resulting finish is much harder and more colorful than anything than paints or vinyl coating.  Thermoset powders are available in just about any color  and texture imaginable.

Powder coated signs are a great choice for nearly any public-facing aluminum sign.  You get highly visible colors that withstand everything that nature can throw at it.

Turn To Precision Cutting Service for Great Options in Powder Coated Signs

Our custom signs combine state-of-the-art water jet cutting techniques with the latest in coloring to make signage that really pops!  Contact us to learn more.


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